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Pathways to Community Living in Illinois

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MFP Process: Required Documentation

MFP documentation is done online in the "MFP Web App" at[See the MFP Web App User Manual]. MFP Required documentation includes the following forms (You may click on the links below to view downloadable PDF versions of the documents. **Reminder, - documentation is completed online - except Informed Consent and Quality of Life Survey. These PDF forms are for viewing purposes only. If a reasonable accommodation is needed, contact your Div/Dept lead.)

Important: All of this documentation is completed prior to transition and discussed in a pre-transition staffing (click to view case review policies and procedures) with UIC and State leads.
* Informed Consent and Quality of Life Survey are not online.

Additional Process Documents

Medication Notices

Risk Assessment Guides

Online Forms Support

Contact UIC staff at 217-586-6039 with questions, comments, issues regarding the online documentation system.

MFP Process: Quality Assurances

Money Follows the Person is a Federal Demonstration project administered by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS has given States the authority to administer Money Follows the Person in their State as best fits into the existing state systems as described in each State's federally approved operational protocol.

Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) is the agency that oversees MFP in Illinois. HFS has contracted with the University of Illinois College of Nursing to provide quality management, outcomes reporting and training of MFP transition coordinators. There are a number of quality assurances that must be met and reported to CMS. Those that pertain to MFP transition coordinators are monitored by UIC-College of Nursing. These include: