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Money Follows the Person: Transition Coordinator Training

Please contact and to request Training.

MFP transitions are facilitated by specially-trained transition coordinators (TCs). Once trained, MFP transition coordinators are ready to assist nursing facility residents to move into an appropriate community-based setting. Throughout the pre- and post-transition process, various documentation is required. Other staff that need trained in MFP include Resident Review staff, TC supervisors, ADRC/TES staff and supervisors, Backup TC staff, MCO collaborating staff, DDD ISC staff, and others as needed or upon request.

The TC training sequence for TCs and TC supervisors includes:

1. Overview of the Money Follows the Person Initiative (Intro to MFP Goals, Benchmarks, Quality Assurances)

2.MFP Care Management Processes (for DMH, DRS and IDOA TCs) DDD Pre-Transition Processes(For DDD ISC/PAS TCs)

Outreach, Enrollment, Assessment, Mitigation Planning, Follow-up and Monitoring and Evaluation plus Transition Coordinator Roles). See also: Care Management Bibliography

3. MFP Critical Incident and Mortality Process Read about it here.

4. A recorded webinar to demonstrate the MFP CRM Online Documentation System ("Web App"). See WebApp for training resources

5. A teleconference training to review the MFP Quality of Life Survey and how, when and why it is administered. See the QOL pagefor more information (This training is required for all who will be administering the QOL survey).

Note: To gain access to the WebApp, TCs must complete 1-4 above.

In addition to the above, each new MFP staff member is asked to complete: